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Discover the Plug & Play Solution to Long Lasting Chanter Reeds

Piper's Pal Patented Humidity Controlled Reed Storage

Have you ever had a reed break or wear out just before a competition? With Piper's Pal, your reeds are ready to play!

  • Absorbs moisture when the reed is wet.
  • Provides moisture when the reed is dry.
  • The Piper's Pal makes playing easy.
  • Each of the Piper's Pal Products are low maintenance, portable, and easy to use.
  • Recharge kits are available to keep your Piper's Pal at its best.

With the Piper's Pal your reeds will:

  • Always be ready to play- keep one, four, or forty reeds in playing condition
  • Stabilize quickly and remain stable when played
  • Store indefinitely and be restored to playing condition in minutes
  • Restore old reeds
  • Break in quicker and with minimal effort
  • Minimize mold and mildew
  • Save you money; purchase fewer reeds!
  • Allow practices to focus less on reed maintenance and more on everything else!





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Piper's Pal Reed Protector
Piper's Pal, holds 4 reeds securely
Piper's Pal for Bands holds 40 reeds
Piper's Pal Recharge Kits

Piper's Pal Replacement Rod

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